Recognizing and directing
the buying process

Recording, analyzing and verifying the buying process brings precise answers to the question why a customer makes the decision to buy, or not to buy. Even if consumers themselves are hardly aware of their actions when making a purchase, the steps leading up to the decision to buy can be identified.

The behavior analysis developed by Dr. Marc Rutschmann Research® visualizes actions, action sequences as well as factors that accelerate or inhibit the buying process. Individual observations and interview findings are compiled to reveal behavior patterns and to identify those few critical interfaces where the marketer is able to intervene effectively to decisively influence the consumer.

Project-specific findings form the basis for practical measures to be implemented in distribution, in product design and in advertising communication. Their aim is to trigger buying, to generate sales.

Interfaces and key factors

  • Each buying process is complex and subject to outside influences
  • Decisive interfaces for intervention are few and identifiable
  • Process triggers foster buying; inhibitors hinder buying