The power of detail
at the POS

The POS is the place where the consumer makes the ultimate decision to finalize the buying process, or not. This is true for department stores as well as online shops, specialty stores and vending machines.

Behavior analysis describes genetic behavior patterns anchored in human nature and makes them available for practical use. For example, by identifying triggers designed to direct a flow of customers to the POS and therefore to boost dwell time and sales volume.

In practice, each POS is different. What matters is to develop effective on-site measures based on universal patterns. To this effect, Dr. Marc Rutschmann Research® records in detail how consumers are directed and move through a specific POS, what grabs their attention at a given point, and why they act the way they do in making a positive or negative buying decision.

Video recordings are a central component of shopper analysis. Even when viewed individually, their interpretation reveals that the buying process comprises a number of regular occurrences that point to patterns. They are often small details with a big impact. Store design and merchandise presentation as a whole, for example, foster a certain state of mind. Triggers that are placed intentionally such as targeted spot lighting or special offers generate decisive buying stimuli.

Practical measures
rather than universal patterns

  • Elements leading the consumer through a store or online shop
  • Measures fostering dwell time at the POS and sales intention
  • Stimuli to trigger buying action