Subjective observation,
objective system

People see advertising messages in a mostly subconscious manner and respond to them individually. However, many years of experience in observation analysis demonstrates that the structuring and arrangement of information follows objective patterns not only when it comes to communication content but also and especially in terms of the format in which such content is presented.

Dr. Marc Rutschmann Research® uses the biometric eye tracking method for the scientific analysis of eye movements and gaze when viewing visual messages. State-of-the-art optical measuring instruments which do not influence the test subject allow to record eye movements and fixations with utmost precision. A standardized evaluation developed in collaboration with the University of Helsinki defines standard viewing patterns on the basis of seven parameters. Such patterns identify reliably which information is to reach the brain and in which sequence such information is to be conveyed in order to achieve the desired impact.

Eye tracking analysis delivers precise prognosis on the effect of the advertising medium under review and proposes to tap its potential for improvement. Eye tracking pre-testing reduces time and cost while clearing the way for successful campaigns.

Eye tracking analysis
delivers facts

  • Which message comes across?
  • How does the message come across?
  • What does the message trigger?
  • How can the message be optimized?